Water Temperature for Betta Fish

With all the information online about the perfect water temperature for Betta fish, it can be confusing at times. However, if you stick to basic principles, you can’t go wrong. First off, if you want to keep your Betta happy and healthy, you need to create a stable living environment. In fact, one little mistake can mean disaster. Water temperature is critical.

Your Betta should be exposed to warmer temperatures. Warmer water will have more bacteria though, so keep the water temperature of your Betta’s tank at 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure you do not change the water temperature too often or too suddenly as this can stress and even kill your Betta. This is why it is important to recognize and plan for water temperature dangers.

Recognize and prepare for these common and not so common water temperature danger factors:
And while we are on the subject: do not use soap to clean the tank. Many fish die because of the chemicals used to clean their tanks. Don’t make this mistake! Instead, use warm water and a clean rag to wipe away any algae.
There are two types of water heaters to choose from, the internal and external systems. Both systems are a good choice. Make sure to choose a system that also includes a thermostat. The price range will be between $20 and $60.
Be sure to monitor the heater with a tank thermometer daily to ensure it is working correctly.
One year I was staying with friends on Bainbridge Island, WA when a massive winter storm knocked out power to the entire island for several days. They had only a wood burning stove as a backup, but we were able to add warm water to mason jars and add those to the fish tanks to add heat, and this saved the lives of some of the fish.
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